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Refractories for Electric Arc Furnaces(EAF) & Linings

Best refractory solutions for electric arc furnaces and arc furnace linings. Refractories for induction furnaces, DC induction furnaces and air-fired induction furnaces.

What is an electric arc furnace?

Electric arc furnace is a kind of equipment that utilizes electric arc to generate high temperature to melt metal, which is widely used in metal melting and steel making industry. In an electric arc furnace, an electric arc is generated between the electrode and the charge, which converts electrical energy into thermal energy and heats the metal to a molten state for processes such as melting, alloying and steelmaking. Electric arc furnace usually consists of furnace body, electrode, power supply and control system.

Types of electric arc furnace

Induction Arc Furnace

Induction arc furnace is a type of electric arc furnace, which utilizes the principle of induction to melt metals. Compared with conventional arc furnaces, induction arc furnaces offer higher energy efficiency and better product quality.

Uses: Commonly used for melting metals, including iron, steel, copper, aluminum and nickel.

Characteristics: Using electromagnetic induction to generate heat energy, so that the metal is heated and melted.

DC Arc Furnace

DC electric arc furnace is a kind of electric arc furnace that utilizes direct current as an energy source. It is the same as the AC arc furnace, using the electrode and the charge (or melting pool) between the arc to generate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of melting.

Use: Mainly used for steelmaking, capable of melting and alloying scrap steel, scrap iron and other scrap metals.

Characteristics: Using DC arc to generate high temperature, metal smelting and alloying under controlled conditions.

Oxygen Combustion Arc Furnace

Oxygen combustion electric arc furnace is a special type of electric arc furnace which uses oxygen as a combustion gas to convert electrical energy into heat energy for smelting various metals and alloys. This type of furnace usually consists of a furnace body, one or more electrodes, one or more power sources, a control system and an oxygen supply system.

Uses: Widely used in steelmaking to increase combustion temperature and smelting speed by blowing oxygen.

Characteristics: The use of oxygen to enhance combustion makes the melting process more efficient.

Features of Electric Arc Furnace


The electric arc furnace can start and stop quickly, making the process adjustment more flexible and adapting to the smelting requirements of different metals.

High energy utilization

Due to the direct use of electricity to generate heat, electric arc furnaces usually have a high energy utilization efficiency, compared with the traditional blast furnace is more energy efficient.

Wide applicability

It is suitable for smelting and melting of all kinds of metal materials, including the recycling of scrap metal, with good applicability and flexibility.

Refractories for Induction Arc Furnace & DC Arc Furnace

An induction arc furnace is a device that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat metals, and usually consists of several parts. Each section requires refractory materials that are resistant to high temperatures, wear and chemical attack.

Furnace lining materials: Induction arc furnaces and oxygen-fired arc furnaces can be lined with materials such as high-alumina refractory bricks, corundum refractory bricks, silicon carbide refractory bricks, refractory fibers and unshaped refractory castables. DC arc furnace lining can use high alumina refractory bricks and high alumina castables and other materials.

Refractory bricks need to be selected with the advantages of high temperature resistance, resistance to hot and cold cycles and chemical corrosion resistance. They have excellent refractory properties and chemical erosion resistance, which are very suitable for the lining of electric arc furnace furnace.

Refractory fiber is a new type of high-temperature fiber material with light weight and low thermal conductivity, which is suitable for high-temperature insulation and heat preservation. Refractory coating is suitable for repairing and anti-corrosion treatment of furnace lining.

Furnace bottom material: the bottom of the induction arc furnace needs to withstand high temperature and mechanical load, can use high strength, high temperature resistant refractory materials, such as high alumina bricks, silicon carbide bricks and so on.

refractories for electric arc furnaces(eaf) & linings
electric arc furnaces for steelmaking

Furnace wall materials: induction arc furnace furnace wall needs to withstand high temperatures and thermal expansion, you can use lightweight, high strength, high temperature refractory materials, such as mullite bricks, aluminum silicate fiber and so on.

Furnace roof materials: induction arc furnace furnace roof needs to withstand high temperatures and mechanical loads, can use high-strength, high-temperature resistant refractory materials, such as high alumina bricks, silicon carbide bricks and so on.

Extreme materials: induction arc furnace roof needs to withstand high temperatures and mechanical loads, you can use high-strength, high-temperature resistant refractory materials, such as high alumina bricks, silicon carbide bricks and so on.

Injection port materials: DC electric arc furnace injection port needs to withstand high temperatures and metal liquid scouring, can use high strength, high temperature and erosion resistant refractory materials, such as silicon carbide brick, mullite bricks and so on.

External lining: For the external lining of the induction arc furnace, refractory fiber mats and refractory silicate fiber boards and other materials are usually used. Refractory fiber felt has good thermal insulation properties and tensile strength, which can effectively reduce the heat loss of the induction arc furnace. Refractory silicate fiberboard is a lightweight high temperature material with excellent heat resistance and shock resistance.

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