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Furnace lining refractories & bricks

Steel furnaces, glass kilns, cement kilns and induction furnaces are lined with refractory bricks and refractory castables.

Furnace Lining & Furnace Lining Materials

Furnace lining are lining materials in high temperature industrial furnaces, mainly used to protect the inner wall and body of the furnace. Furnace lining needs to have excellent high temperature resistance and chemical erosion resistance, the materials used for furnace lining are usually refractory materials.

There are many kinds of high-temperature industrial furnaces, the common ones are blast furnaces, glass furnaces, cement furnaces, aluminum industrial furnaces, induction furnace, hot air ovens, coke ovens, electric furnaces and so on. Different kinds of smelting furnaces have different functions and roles, and the required high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are also different. Therefore, there are differences in the lining materials used in different kinds of furnaces. Common refractory materials for furnace lining include refractory bricks, refractory castables, refractory fibers and so on.

Choosing the right lining material for a furnace depends on the operating conditions of the furnace and the substances being handled, ensuring that the lining will work consistently over a long period of time while meeting process and safety requirements.

furnace lining & furnace lining materials

Steel Furnace Lining

Refractory bricks and castables for steel furnace linings

Glass kiln lining materials

Refractory brick materials for glass kiln linings

Cement kiln lining materials

Refractory bricks for cement kiln linings

Induction furnace lining materials

Refractory bricks, refractory castables, refractory ramming mass for induction furnace linings

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