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  • Ceramic Fiber Bulks
  • Ceramic Fiber Bulks
  • Ceramic Fiber Bulks

Ceramic Fiber Bulks

High-performance ceramic fibre block series, made of selected raw materials and precision technology, with ultra-low impurity content, high-purity components and excellent thermal insulation performance, suitable for high temperature environment above 1260℃. They are particularly suitable for lining and insulation applications in industrial furnaces, aerospace and special high temperature equipment. With controllable fibre diameters, strict shot content standards and a wide range of melting temperature grades, it meets the individual needs of a wide range of demanding working conditions.

  • Main Composition: Al2O3+SiO2≥96%
  • Application: Industrial Furnaces Insulation Layer
  • Raw Material: Bulk Fibers
  • Color: White
  • Classification Temperature: 1260℃
  • Capacity: 3000 MT per month
  • Package: Export Wooden Pallets and Carton Case
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